Fuchs wheels were first developed and manufactured in Germany by the company Fuchs Felgen GmbH in the 1960s. They were initially designed for use on high-performance sports cars and racing vehicles, but soon gained popularity among enthusiasts of all types of vehicles due to their unique design and performance benefits.

The Fuchs wheel design features a distinctive five-spoke pattern, which was engineered to provide maximum strength and stiffness while minimising weight. The wheels were made of high-grade aluminium alloy, which made them both lightweight and durable.

Fuchs wheels quickly gained a reputation for their high-quality construction and exceptional performance, and were soon being used by many of the top racing teams and manufacturers around the world. In the 1970s and 1980s, Fuchs wheels became particularly popular among Porsche enthusiasts, and were often used as original equipment on many Porsche models.

Today, Fuchs wheels are still highly sought after by car enthusiasts and collectors, and are considered by many to be a classic and iconic design. The Fuchs brand is still active and produce high-quality wheels for sports cars and other high-performance vehicles.

Our 2PC FUCHS is a forged 2PC version of the original Fuchs and available in 18" - 21". 

As per all of our wheels, the centre is fully forged T6-6061 aluminium which then passes through a series of milling procedures. Starting from first cut, all the way to the fine milling process to smooth out any final radiuses and details. 

After this stage, the finishing process is next, which is begins with a sanding process performed by hand then then through our de-burring tumbler. Once the centre have passed through the first stage of finishing, they're then followed by either polishing, brushing or powder coating; all dependant on the choice you require for your wheels. 


Main specification available 

  • Diameter: 18, 19", 20" and 21"
  • Width: 8.5" to 12" and (everything in between 0.5")
  • PCD: 5x130 (5x Custom)
Finishes available
  • Brushed (with clear coat)
  • Brushed (with tinted colour)
  • Polished (with clear coat)
  • Polished (with tinted colour)
  • Matte opaque
  • Satin opaque
  • Gloss opaque
Bolt visible or hidden

If visible:
  • Chrome
  • Gold
  • Black
  • Titanium (Genuine forged titanium +£100 per wheel)
  • Rose
  • Aqua
  • Green
  • Fuchsia

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