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Use this form to order your lips/barrels to any specification you require. 

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Custom lips/barrels have a set price per lip OR 1x barrel.

PLEASE NOTE: Once you have placed your order, Rimscarnated takes no responsibility for parts that do not fit your wheels as a result of incorrectly submitted measurements.

If you have any hesitation, we recommend having your wheel centre or old lip/barrel measured by an engineering shop. We are happy to recommend one, and this will incur an additional cost.

Chrome plating adds an additional 15 days to your order. Chrome finish is inspected and passes QC before shipping, however there is no guarantee offered for the longevity of the finish as this is solely down to environmental conditions as well as proper maintenance. 

All specifications submitted will be machined as stated in this form. As these are custom-order parts, we cannot accept returns.





Purchase 2 or more pieces and receive bulk discount on your order.

Discount applies to any spec parts - they do not need to be a matching set. 

Please reference the table below to see the incremental savings made when ordering more than 1 piece at a time - up to 40% discount on 5 pieces and above.













1 piece £307 £307 £0 £0 0%
2 pieces £246 £492 £61 £122 9.9%
3 pieces £202 £606 £105 £315 25.6%
4 pieces £187 £748 £120 £480 39%
5+ pieces £184.20 £921+ £122.80 £614+ 40%

Discounts are automatically applied to your cart at checkout. We are able to forward these large discounts onto our customers, because whether you are buying 1 piece, or 4 pieces, the labour and shipping costs do not drastically differ.

Processing time for these items is on average 35 days, but please confirm with us before ordering as busier periods can affect this. 




We do not charge extra for different width pieces - only differences in diameter. You can see these additional costs listed in the table below. 



Up to 16"


17" to 18"


19" upwards


Check out our lips, barrels and step up kits to see if your wheel make and model is already on our database.

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Lips & Barrels

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