Are you a wheel builder seeking high-quality lips and barrels for your customers' wheels? Perhaps you already offer these components but are looking for more competitive pricing.

Our bulk pricing options are tailored just for you. If you have the capability to perform in-house drilling, we can supply you with polished and raw blank components to meet your specific requirements.

One significant advantage of maintaining a blank stock inventory is our ability to swiftly and efficiently deliver these components to you. With a production time as fast as 14 days plus an additional 14 days for shipping, all import tax-free, you can have the necessary stock in your possession within a month. This enables you to promptly deliver top-notch components to your customers. 

Pricing discount are up to 25% when you order 20+ pieces for inhouse stock.

We are able to drill these components for you to specific wheels, but this will slow down the production time. 

Reverse lips/barrels to Triple step all available

If you are interested for a quote, please email us on:

Please remember that you must order 20+ pieces to qualify for the discount.