How to Start a Wheel Refurbishment Business

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This is for YOU if you are interested in start a new side hustle or you want to start refurbishing multi-piece wheels full time. This is the ultra-affordable course on how to set up a wheel refurbishment brand on a tiny budget. 

This is a full course on how to set up and start your own split rim wheel refurbishment business on the side and grow it into a full time business. 

This course shows you how to get into refurbishment and wheel building, create your brand and then leverage your time to ensure you can build a successful business that provides quality work.

This course saves you the trial and error that most business run into and gives you a head-start into the industry that we've been serving since 2014. 

This includes:

- 1hr Audiobook 
- 18 page PDF showing - Equipment, Polishing, Powder Coating & Wheel Building
- 3x videos on Polishing, Powder Coating & Wheel Building
- Exclusive Whatsapp group with help from our team for 24/7 inquiries. 

Whether you are starting out, or just need an expert to guide you in your current refurbishment, this is for you. 

No refunds are offered on this product due to it's nature, but if you are unsatisfied, please get in touch with us on

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