BEAR O.G Snow Foam


Is a PH neutral snow foam formulated to produce an effective layer of foam over your car to help drag and breakdown contamination and road grit safely. Its intensive foam helps to soften and remove dirt without stripping protection. Using OG will help remove contaminants that may otherwise be on the paint during the the contact wash. 

Apply OG with a foam lance and pressure washer or hand pump foamer.

Top tip: Try using warm water in your lance bottle instead of cold.

Directions: Fill lance bottle with water almost to the top, approx 800ml. Pour 50-100ml of OG into the lance bottle. Apply product from top to bottom of the vehicle, working your way around until covered. Allow to dwell for between 5-10 minutes but do not leave to dry. Wash down vehicle to remove any remaining product.

Available in 1000ml 

Supplied with flip cap

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