Way back in 2016...

Back in 2016, when we were just a one man band, AKA just me, I went away with the family to Japan. This was generally when Instagram was just getting started and FB was still king for content. In December, I spent 3 weeks visiting some family over in Japan and also planned that I needed to go and visit all of the obvious places. 

The two places that were a stand out in my selection were both Mizuno Works and none other than Liberty Walk themselves. At this point in time in the UK, Liberty Walk wasn't really a thing and only a handful of builds existed in the UK. 

Long story short, I went to the LB headquarters around Christmas time and was blown away and inspired for life. The cars were insane and I had seen nothing like them. For myself, it was a dream to one day be involved with a build but I had no idea how we'd even do that as a brand. Especially at the time as we only offered refurbishment! 

Many years later we are here in 2023 and we now manufacture some of the coolest wheels in Europe and US as well as supply all sorts of parts for peoples builds.

Skip to 2023 July...

We have some talks with a few of the guys at Liberty Walk EU over the past couple of years, but as we're all so busy nothing had come of it. Then suddenly, the perfect project comes along: the new reveal and EU build of the LB RX7 FD. 

This is a big moment for us, as I had only dreamt as a company that we would be working with huge brands like LB and actually have our work displayed on a build in such a poignant way. 

The wheels? We're build them the ultimate spec Work Meister, because I mean there is literally no better wheel for such a crazy car. And the coolest thing about them, is that not only they're wise as heck with 6.5" lips on the rear, but also going fully white. I'm a massive fan of fully white 3pc wheels as it's a direct inspiration from 90's racing. 

Anyhow, this is how they look right now and we'll definitely be doing another full post on the car once it's finished. 


August 07, 2023 — Isaac Brain