The "stance" movement in the car community is a subculture that emerged in the early 2000s, focused on the customisation and low ground clearance of a vehicle. The goal of the "stance" is to achieve an aggressive and low-to-the-ground look for the car, often achieved through suspension modifications and the use of wide tires. This style often emphasises on the wheel fitment, camber and negative camber and aggressive offset.

The origins of the stance movement can be traced back to Japan, where car enthusiasts in the 1990s began to lower their cars and fit them with wider wheels and tires. This style, known as "hellaflush," eventually spread to Europe and the United States, where it evolved and became known as the "stance" movement.

Stance culture has been heavily influenced by Euro and American car culture, and it is known for its diverse, car-enthusiast community. As a car culture it is known for its emphasis on individuality and creativity, with many enthusiasts putting a great deal of time and effort into customising their cars to make them truly unique.

Stance cars are not only known for its aggressive looks but also often criticised for sacrifices in terms of drivability and ride comfort due to their extreme suspension setup. While stance cars can be a work of art and a rolling sculpture but often its not ideal for daily driving.

Slammed car culture refers to the practice of lowering a car's suspension to an extremely low ride height, often to the point where the vehicle's tires and wheels appear to be "slammed" into the wheel wells.

This style of car modification emerged in the 1960's in Southern California and gained popularity in the 1990's and 2000's, particularly among car enthusiasts and in the import car scene. The trend has been associated with car shows, drifting and racing events, as well as street cruising and driving on public roads.

The slammed look is accomplished by using a combination of coilovers, air suspension, or lowering springs, and can also include other modifications like cambered wheels and stretched tires.